Develop Global Core Value Dossier (and subsequent update) for product in pain therapy field, Grünenthal GmbH

  • Region: EU
  • Date: December 2008

Therapy Area: Chronic neuropathic pain


“Dr Julia Bottomley has prepared a core value dossier for one of our main products in pain therapy. Dr Bottomley has done this project with great professionalism, punctual at each step of the process and at good value. All topics which were agreed were greatly elaborated. Julia Bottomley researched far beyond the agreed framework and added valuable input in the project. The collaboration with her was very pleasant. She is reliable, consistent and committed. We can strongly and with great enthusiasm recommend Dr Bottomley’s services for projects in the area of value dossiers for pharmaceutical products.”

Pricing & Director Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement, Global Marketing

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