HTA dossier for medical device reviewed by MSAC, Aurora BioScience Pty Ltd

  • Region: Australia
  • Date: February 2015

Therapy Area: Epilepsy (treatment resistant)


“I just want to write to offer my personal thanks for the effort and time that you have dedicated to our project over the recent weeks. When the going got tough, you both just kept on going. As you are both aware, this project to properly fund VNS Therapy for epilepsy patients with drug resistant has been close to my heart for a very long time. To be able to overcome the bureaucracy and flawed decision making from earlier times is rewarding in itself. Now with the professional and well-crafted submission and economic model completed, I wait and hope.
The structure of the report and model make a compelling case for our government to finally fund this critical but often seen as last option therapy. Neurologist know it works, patients know it works, and now we have a document to demonstrate to our government fund-holders that it works and is also cost effective.”


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